Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Hey there. How's tricks. Whadja think of the Oscars? I thought Alec and Steve were pretty charming, actually. Does that mean I'm getting old?

So... remember that first post, where I said that these first few entries would be something of an experiment, and the degree to which you got involved would determine the degree to which I bared my soul?

Well, my husband probably thanks you, but, you kinda didn't get all that involved. Which is not to say that you didn't read along (I have the StatCounter to prove it), or that you didn't care about the mini mommydramas I was dealing with (my Facebook inbox saw a sudden surge in activity)... but... with a few precious exceptions (THANK YOU, HK!) (and also the person who wrote that she took away her kid's suckers and now feels like an asshole every day, which still makes me laugh, sympathetically), you didn't really put yourselves out there in the comments section or anything, which would have allowed me to respond publicly, and continue or broaden the conversation. Of course I don't blame you-- you told me that you didn't have time, and that you were concerned about anonymity, and I get that-- completely-- but it kind of leaves me in a strange place. I want to keep talking, but I'm a little bit talking to myself. Without you guys a dialogue is impossible, and I'm already running a little light on monologues. In other words, by making the focus of this blog "mommy issues," as opposed to a diary-type thing in which I account for the mundane happenings of my daily life (take my word for it, my days are not so interesting), I may have set this sweet little site up for failure. There's only so many broadly relatable "issues" I am contending with on any given day.

Thus the absence of recent posts. I have a few things in draft form... like a cheesy account of our Valentine's Day... but nothing seemed honest enough to publish. Cuz I take your time very seriously, and I'm not about to jeopardize your trust by wasting it.

Sooooo.... if there are any topics that YOU are dealing with, please feel free to comment below... heaven knows I would be thrilled for an idea that inspires me to write. (Two of you have asked for a post about how far apart siblings should ideally be spaced, but I genuinely don't know how to address that, other than to warn you from personal experience that THREE KIDS IN THREE YEARS IS PROBABLY A MISTAKE.)

Otherwise, if you guys keep quiet, then I probably will too. Until I have something really pressing that I need to tell you. So if you're interested in what happens to this blog, then maybe sign up for an email subscription so you don't have to check for random updates? Or not. Whatevs. I'm pretty chill.

Anywhoosle, I have some episodes of Weeds to catch up on (my latest obsession), and my husband is traveling in Romania or something like that so I can watch without risk of interruption, and I think housekeeping posts should generally be as concise as possible because heck are they boring. But hey, drop me a line if you're dealing with any crap that perhaps I'm dealing with, too... and maybe we can get this show back on the road. Or not. I'm feeling very Jeff Bridges / The Dude right now. It's all good.

Rock it out, my sistahs. Talk soon. xo.


  1. i love your blog--have it bookmarked and check often. you seem to know many of your followers are strapped for time, so that makes a dialogue hard. but don't give up! your daily musings/diary entries are hilarious and even though you may not get comments, you're sure getting LOLs, head nods, and lots of appreciation. my mother-in-law manages to ruin every single family event. is that a topic you can relate to? 'cause i could probably go on for about a week about that. it's so cliche but so infuriatingly true. other topics: why is my house so filthy and why can't i conjure any will to do something about it; why am i so happy to be with my 11-month-old and so happy when he goes to bed; when will i have to really start cooking dinner instead of relying on chips, ice cream, and pizza for me and baby food for the munchkin; what should my stay-at-home husband be doing with the baby (as i suspect he's not teaching him and fear they're scratchin' their nutz watching tv)...
    don't go!

  2. Hey! - Not my fault - I actually harass you once a week to update this. I still love the blog and hope you'll keep it up at least to keep me entertained (not that I'm your number one priority every minute of everyday)!

    PEOPLE!!!!! Come on! GET BUSY! MAKE COMMENTS! Don't my fellow Mommy Wants a Drink Fans realize how much I rely on this blog to blow off steam and seriously consider a life of celibacy?

  3. I'll add my voice to the pleadings for you to please press on - your adoring public (however quiet and shy we may be) NEEDS you!!!

    My topic request is this: what do you (and other stay-at-home moms) do with your toddlers all day long to ensure that they flourish and become fabulous, interesting, Ivy-League-attending people? I get panicky that I'm not doing the right things or enough of the right things and that, despite all the sacrifices made so that I could stay at home with my child, perhaps he would have been better off at daycare after all. I mean, this kid is my ONLY responsibility (because the whole house-cleaning and cooking thing sure isn't happening over here either) and I feel tremendous pressure that there be physical evidence (i.e., he be the brightest, most athletic, and charming child ever) that it was worthwhile for me to stay home....at least with the daycare he'd be coming home with art projects and I'd be coming home with a paycheck.

  4. OMG! I die for your blog. The reason I don't comment is bc I am not a funny person and so I can't deal with the pressure of writing "in your shadow". But OK I am going to put myself out there too. BTW, I have told all my mom-at-home friends about your blog. You are my heroine. Off to playgroup... xoxo from the MIA.

  5. DON'T think we don't love you and wish you would post something every day! I laugh out loud when I ready your posts - I usually try to respond but end up erasing it b/c I think my comments sound silly. Keep it up! I promise to write more! I love the post about cleaning the house - I'm totally with you sister. Cereal should be its own food group.

  6. I too am a HUGE fan, I look forward to your down to earth witty rantings, don't ever stop!!!!

  7. Of course I love you. I think you are so fabulous that sometimes I don't have anything to add! But I definitely think you have a future. Keep it up!